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Mr.Shiv Bhasin, General Manager, Marketing, Goodricke Group

How many people work at your farm / co-operative?

Managerial Staff– 180

Clerical & Workers– 32816

What difference has Bewley’s made to A) your business and B) your local community over the course of your relationship?

  • a) Bewley’s business principles help and guide us in conducting fair and transparent business.
  • b) Bewley’s support for fair prices further consolidates Goodricke Group’s commitment to our workers towards fair wages, medical benefits, education and other CSR activities.

How has Bewley’s influenced your approach to sustainability?

Bewley’s support for us is directly in sync with Goodricke Group’s policy on Sustainable Agri Farming.

What is your fondest memory of working with Bewley’s?

We are proud that Bewley’s is amongst a few companies which has similar business principles as our own.

One of our fondest memories has been the first visit to Bewley’s head office in Ireland four years ago. We value the expert advice given by Mr Paul O’Toole during various tea tasting sessions and business interactions. We always remember the warm hospitality of the Bewley’s Team and the wonderful working environment at Bewley’s.

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