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Why is BE right for your business?
The Irish Coffee Drinker will pay a premium for ‘Coffee’ they trust. Trust is built on knowing where it comes from, knowing that the people who grew it are treated fairly and knowing that they are getting a coffee made by a good Barista. BE tells that story in a simple, straight-forward way!

BE fair.
Support Fairtrade farmers. Buy coffee picked by hands that are treated fairly. Savour coffee crafted by hands that are masterful at work.

BE real.
Choose quality. Seasonal single origin beans.
Sweet tasting blends. Coffee with real distinction.

BE adventurous.
Take a different route. Open your world to ideas and tastes. Live and learn.

BE Training and Auditing
We believe that great coffee is as much about the craft as the bean. That’s why we will offer training and auditing support to all customers who want to serve our great coffee.

Training programme for all new customers will include two days on-site training in Northern Cross. Our auditing programme consists of Quarterly Audits by one of our accredited Barista Trainers, plus follow up reporting and training to ensure you are delivering the best ‘Handcrafted Coffee.’

BE Equipment and Ancillaries
We can offer expert advice & solutions for all your equipment and ancillary product needs. Talk to us today about how we can grow your business.

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