Bewley’s launches a range of 100% compostable coffee capsules

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21st February 2018: Bewley’s has become the first Irish company to launch a range of 100% compostable coffee capsules.

Thousands of Irish coffee drinkers start their day by popping a capsule of ground coffee into a machine for the perfect morning brew. However as convenient as these capsules are, they come with a cost to the environment due to their un-recyclable packaging. While the coffee market in general is growing at 1.6% year-on-year, capsule sales are growing at almost 15% year-on-year.

Bewley's Compostable Coffee Capsules

Bewley’s has become the first Irish company to tackle this growing environmental problem by creating a brand new range of 100% compostable capsules that you can drop into your organic recycling (brown) bin. Most other coffee capsules on the market are made from a combination of plastic and aluminium and are not biodegradable.

Made from renewable raw materials, Bewley’s new capsules break down in just 12 weeks into CO2, water and compost. As well as reducing the amount of packaging from the previous Bewley’s capsule range, there is less energy used and fewer greenhouse gases emitted during production of the new capsules.

Bewley's Compostable Capsules Story

Bewley’s has guaranteed that there will be no compromise on the quality of the coffee with the new plant-based capsules as they are oxygen tight to ensure the same fresh, quality Bewley’s coffee that customers know and love.

The new range includes two new café blends and two new single origins and all the capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines. The whole range is Fairtrade certified and the capsules are launching just in time for Fairtrade Fortnight (28th Feb- 11th March) so your morning coffee can now be environmentally friendly as well as Fairtrade certified.

Laura McDonnell, Head of Marketing with Bewley’s, said “As an Irish family company originally founded on Quaker principles, we remain committed to ethical business practices and the development of long-term sustainable solutions. We are delighted to launch these compostable capsules manufactured from 100% bio-based materials, demonstrating our on-going commitment to reducing plastic waste. Our compostable capsules are designed to work in Nespresso home machines, producing the perfect coffee every time.”

The capsules cost from €3.59 and are available in select stores nationwide, in Bewley’s Grafton Street and online here.

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