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The Aeropress is made up of three parts – plunger, filter holder and chamber. Designed and manufactured by the company who made the Aerobie Frisbee, the Aeropress has become a popular and flexible way of brewing a subtle cup. To prepare one filter style coffee using 15g of coffee and yielding approx. 220g of water, follow the steps in this video below:


The Aeropress is a flexible brewer that invites experimentation. The’ inverted method’ is one method used where the brewing chamber and plunger are affixed and turned upside down so that the chamber is stood on the brewer whilst the coffee is brewing. The filter is screwed on at the end of the brew time, in order to turn the Aeropress round to plunge over a server/cup.

We tried experimenting with grind size and temperature to adjust the overall taste/extraction. Brewing with the original method at 88oC with a slightly finer grind, produced a slightly brighter tasting cup but charted are exactly the same point on the brew chart. This demonstrates how numbers can be a great way of measuring extraction but relying on taste to determine what you’re extracting out of the coffee is important.


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