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A syphon, or vac pot, works a little like the Moka pot using the principle of water vapour expansion to move water up into a brewing chamber. The syphon produces a cleaner cup as the brewed coffee is filtered after a short infusion period. Made up of four parts, there is a bulb shaped glass vessel where the initial brewing water is heated up; a glass flask used as the brewing chamber, a filter disk which will hold paper or cloth filters and a rubber seal which is required for creating the seal between the top flask and the bottom chamber.


Experiment with finer grinds to adjust the strength or body of the brewed coffee but keep in mind that the coffee should finish drawing down in less than 1-2 minutes.
If using a cloth filter make sure that you keep in good condition by rinsing and store immersed in water in the fridge. This will help to ensure a clean tasting cup.


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