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V60 is the name for a single cup brewer designed by Hario – the 60mstands for the angle in degrees that forms the shape of the cone. Other single cup manual pour over brewers are available and each have their own benefits.


Examine the bed of coffee to see that the coffee has been evenly extracted. The coffee should not rise too far up the side of the filter paper.

Pouring 50g of water at a time helps to keep the bed of the coffee raised and allows for even extraction so don’t let the bed of the coffee fall after blooming.

Try this alternative recipe:

Weight out 13g of coarse ground coffee. Bloom coffee with 50ml of water at 94oC and stir fir 25 seconds – then top up with 70ml water. After the bloom, add water in small doses until your scales read 210g. Insert your paddle/spoon just under the surface of the liquid and stir once in a circular motion. The draw down should finish in under 2min20secs.


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