November ‘17

Amid the mountains of northern Nicaragua, in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia, a small coffee farm has surprised many by becoming an example worthy of imitation by the way they work: Las Marias.

Las Marias is a long-standing family business owned by the Hüeck Figueroa & Ponçon Güier families. The families met over 20 years ago. They became good friends and later partners, when they bought their beautiful coffee farm in 2005. They planted most of the farm with new varieties, like Hybrids H3 and Marsellesa, and kept some varieties that were already giving harvest such as Caturra and Bourbon.

Las Marias has been blessed by nature, a fact that translates into coffee of excellent quality. The sandy soil is rich in organic materials. Native trees and leguminous plants provide varied shade. At an altitude of over 1,200 meters above sea level, rainfall is distributed throughout the year.

These factors, combined with optimal farm management and the efforts of many people who participate in different stages of the process, ensure ideal conditions for the production of quality coffee surrounded by a culture of economic, social, environmental and community responsibility.

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Days Until Our Next Roast

November’s coffee subscription will be from Colombia.

Bewley’s Coffee Project subscription showcases some of the finest coffees from around the world chosen for their uniqueness, exciting flavours and quality. They are roasted in small batches to suit their individual characteristics and to get the best possible flavour.

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What’s in The Box?

What's in the box?

Each month as part of your subscription, you'll receive a unique coffee selected for its characteristics and flavour, including tasting notes that will guide you through an exciting journey of speciality coffee.

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Any Questions?

  • How do you select the coffee?

    Each month we select our coffee based on seasonality, great stories and uniqueness. We then hand roast it to bring out its individual flavours and nuances. Each coffee you receive as part of your subscription has been carefully chosen to bring you on a journey through the world of coffee.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    There is a one-off standard delivery charge with your initial subscription order. Every month after this is included in this charge. We also ship subscriptions internationally – delivery fees will be displayed at the checkout page.

  • Will the box fit in my letterbox?

    The box is 55mm (2.2 Inches) deep, and should fit through most standard letterboxes.

  • How much coffee will I receive each month?

    Your monthly subscription includes a 227g bag of fresh, hand roasted coffee (enough for approximately 30 cups).

  • How fresh is the coffee?

    Our coffee is seasonal and is roasted approximately 1-2 weeks before it arrives at your door. The roast date will be displayed on each bag of coffee.

  • Is the coffee ethical/Fairtrade?

    All the coffee we source is sustainable and ethical. In each month’s tasting notes you will find out more about the farm that each coffee comes from.

  • When will I receive my first box?

    Our coffee is shipped once, at the end of each month. If your subscription order is placed after the 14th of any month you will have to wait and will receive the following month's coffee as your first box.