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Henry Hueck, Presidente Ramacafe.

How many people work at your farm / co-operative?

At all the farms about 275 permanent workers (most heads of family) during the pre harvest period.

1250 and up to 1750 during the harvest varying the maturity timing.

What difference has Bewley’s made to a) your business and b) your local community over the course of your relationship? 

The direct relationship has grown over the past 14 years. We got to know each other in 2002, did our first business when the producing coffee world was in a crisis over the prices of coffee that were way under the cost of production for almost 5 years. This crisis would trickle down to the manufacturing side in many ways if we did not start working the way that Bewley’s and Ramacafe has since then.

For Ramacafe and our workers it gave us a sense of support, made us feel that we were not alone and that there was light at the end of the tunnel.

By helping us with a differential price for the coffee Bewley’s bought it helped the company and the community, many people lost their farms and the communities that were dependent on the incomes generated by the producing coffee units were even working for food in some cases.

We learn more of each other. We have helped each other at different times.

The more we learned, respected and by being true and transparent, we have been able to do more and more taking us to the Ramacafe-Bewley’s-Benugo project where we were able together to bring a lap-top to every children at the Ramacafe / La Virgen School.

How has Bewley’s influenced your approach to sustainability?

We have been working towards sustainability since the beginning, our family values thought us to share.

Since 2003 we have been certified by RFA and 2005 UTZ and other third party but our values are solid and what we have found is that by working with companies like Bewley’s that stride for sustainability also in the social, and environmental cases it is easier to understand each other. We speak the same language. Together we do more, we reach farther.

What is your fondest memory of working with Bewley’s?

The people. The bonding. We are like family now.

Paul, Siofra, Patrick Oliver, the whole Campbell Family, the collaborators, playing soccer!

The visits from Bewley’s people to the farm and from us to Ireland. Very special bonding over the years. So many memories, so many smiles. Our work in the education part with our school.

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