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Rohith Peiris, Director General at Sorwathe Tea Company, Rwanda.


How many people work at your farm / co-operative?

We have an average of 2,200 workers in the fields and 4,500 farmers in the coop.

What difference has Bewley’s made to a) your business and b) your local community over the course of your relationship?

Bewley’s has been buying our tea for many years and we are one of their preferred suppliers. They provide positive feedback and constructive criticism, which has helped us to improve our teas. Due to Bewley’s support, we have been able to carry out many corporate social responsibility projects with the local community, such as building pre-schools and providing scholarships for secondary education.

How has Bewley’s influenced your approach to sustainability?

To become a preferred supplier, we had to improve our own systems and obtain the required certifications to meet Bewley’s standards.

What is your fondest memory of working with Bewley’s?

Speaking with Paul O’Toole during his visit to Sorwathe in 2014 along with a reporter from the Irish times.




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