Community, equality, honesty.
Fairness and integrity of character.
Relationships at Origin
Good Business is Good Business

At Bewley’s we’ve been practising sustainability long before it had a name. A sense of dignity, fairness and professionalism is at the heart of our approach and conduct. For everyone to give their best, diversity and differences are to be celebrated. We don’t seek short terms transactions, rather we look for long term partnerships that last generations. From the farmers we source our tea and coffee from to our suppliers, colleagues and customers;

we genuinely engage with everyone who does business with us. We take the time to visit our producers around the world, sharing our knowledge and expertise to help them develop the quality of their crop. Then when harvest time comes we pay the premium price they deserve. We believe in the power of community, building strong, genuine and sustainable relationships that are honest, reliable, based on respect and mutual understanding.

Ethical responsibility
Fairtrade, fair pay

Working with certified ethical trading organisations such as Fairtrade, ensures we always reach the highest international ethical standards. In fact, Bewley’s was the very first Irish company to seek the Fairtrade Mark over 20 years ago. We are among the biggest supporters of Fairtrade Fortnight and we are by far the largest supplier of Fairtrade coffee to the Irish market. In 2016 we are proud that all Bewley’s branded fresh coffee is 100% Fairtrade certified.

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